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Thanks for your interest in my work. My most recent book, a collection of short stories entitled "The Game Cafe: Stories of New York City in Covid Time," is available from Amazon or Mayapplepress.com. Information about all my other books can be found under the "All Books" tab. If you want to contact me, you are welcome to send me an email at elerman1@optonline.net

Description: The nine stories in The Game Cafe focus on people who live in New York City—or are traveling there—in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. These men and women include a security guard; a mother with a far-away daughter; a ham radio operator; two strangers playing a board game in a café; a woman driving from Los Angeles to Manhattan who makes a stop at a famous corner in Winslow, Arizona; an unemployed airport worker who has an unexpected reconciliation with his brother; and others. While the stories are primarily set in New York, they are also meant to explore how living in modern-day urban environments in the U.S. unalterably shapes the fate of people going through difficult times.