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Ghosts Are Watching Me

These are shell days
Echoes in the ear have names
and what they name is on a list
of things you wanted
What did you want in those
unremarkable days when
what was in your pocket
could buy the world?

Now, every little thing that
was wasted
walks down the street in the
early morning and waits for you
at the bus stop, wanting to
hold your hand
Of course there is weeping
Years later, the letters that
came in the mail
told us this was what
should be expected

And now, in my house,
ghosts are watching me
My plan is to uninvite them
because I am not finished
I never bought anything that
I couldn’t put a spell on
and I still feel dangerous
Sometimes, anyway

So look outside
Night falls and the creepy crawlies
prowl the street, their bodies
made of stars
That’s what I expected
Sometimes, in the company of
such gorgeous maniacs
all I can do is laugh

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